Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dog Daze

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween! Any favorite costumes to share? I saw a couple dressed up like Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone from Anchorman and felt extreme jealousy/the need to exclaim every single one of my favorite Anchorman quotes to them. That would include the entire movie. I'm in a glass case of emotion just thinking of it.

You know you're not in college any more. Shit, you know you're not even in your early 20's any more when your Halloween night consists of baggy sweat pants, hiding under your throw blanket watching Zombieland alone (yes, I realize I'm the only person over the age of 13 who could possibly be scared of the COMEDY Zombieland) and falling asleep by 9:30. Winner.

Thanksgiving is fastly approaching and, while I canNOT wait to see my whole family, there will be a very important family member who will not be making the trip. My 13 year old baby-cakes, Riley.

She was my 13th birthday present and even though she is technically mine, it didn't take long for her to be known as our family dog. I obviously couldn't take her with me to college so she stayed with my Mom & Dad and I haven't had the heart to bounce her around to my many different cities over the past 5 years so I've missed out on a lot of day-to-day time with her. She is the most sweet, playful, mellow, sensitive dog on the planet and I miss her! Its the best feeling ever to come home and be greeted by her. She's always so happy to have me back.

This brings me to my endless internal debate, to adopt a dog or not to adopt a dog. Lately I've been leaning HARD towards not adopting a dog right now. I am HUGE on responsible dog ownership and I just don't think I live the lifestyle that would be fair to a fur-baby. I am single, live alone, work all day, am out and about most every day of the weekend, I just feel like I'd be cheating my pet out of the life and attention it deserves. On the other hand, the companionship, consistency and endless love that comes from a canine-lover make a lifestyle change seem worth it. Like I said guys, endless debate with myself over here.

Did I mention I have every intention of adopting a St. Bernard? I'm single and tall. I want a big dog to spoon at night.

So as of right now my giant dog dreams are on hold. I doubt a bruiser like this guy would love a one bedroom city apartment. Some day though. Then I'll just put a saddle on her and let Jack ride her around the yard. He'll never feel the need to ask for a pony.


  1. I'm not going to help your debate here...but if you truly want a big dog and you live in an apartment you need to look at Mastiffs or adult Great Danes. I say adult because puppy danes want to run and play. But, Mastiffs don't need much exercise and they're great apartment dogs. Be fairly warned that if you do go large dog of any breed you need to get one from a reputable breeder with a health guarantee otherwise you could have an inbred dog, or a dog with bad hips...big dogs can get really bad hip displasia and poorly bred or inbred dogs get displasia REALLY badly and early.
    Also, get a big dog really good large breed food while being a puppy-2 years old. After 2 years you don't *have* to worry so much about it. But, puppy-early adulthood they grow so much you need to make sure their protein/fat amounts are high enough.

    Sorry for the novella. I'm passionate about people knowing about their big dog choices. They're amazing animals

  2. Don't feel alone, I spent my Halloween watching a Race and Politics PBS documentary. Grad school buzz kills any sort of fun on holidays. Kayla, I am sure is sharing all sorts of riveting stories!

  3. I watched Zombieland last night too and I was scared! Those things are effing creepy...not a fan! You're not alone...I was also in sweatpants. As usual.

  4. Um totally agree with you... I feel so old bc all day my students asked me what I did for Halloween last night (does grading their papers and watching Friday the 13th count?? Didn't think so...)

    Love the pic of your pooch! We have one dog that we got 2 years ago and last year me and the hubs were debating on having a baby or getting another dog. He choose the dog! This time we got a smaller one (th first is a lab/red heeler. 60 lbs! The other one is a super fat and chunky doxen/beagle (when I say fat, I mean 21 lbs far and her belly drags practically on the floor!) but we live in an apartment and work, but they aren't neglected by any means! Quite the opposite really and I love coming home from a long day (usually in a bad mood) and they're always so happy to see me and they are great companions, especially when you're lonely or sad! Good luck with your decision girl!