Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Who Has More Fun?

I missed you guys yesterday. Writer's block hit haaaaard and I still don't really get where to find or how to do link-ups so I just left the page blank rather than word vom about I prefer sharpie fine point pens over ball point (yeop...that was literally where yesterday's post was going) and tell you guys it was a post. I like you. I'd like you to stick around. So, even though what I talk about is mostly bull shit anyways, I'd like it to at least be an attempt for relatable, relevant bull shit.

So, some things are changing around here. I'm basically in the midst of a full-blown Megan Makeover. I figure new city, new career, new look! First of all we're gettin' things right and tight up in hurr. Like changing the Body by Budweiser to the Body by THELANDOFHOTTOBODIEDBISHES. I'm on a new eating regiment that gives me the serious amount of structure I need. I'm not even lying to you, if I have too much freedom about choosing food and making healthy choices, the little fat kid in my brain will always win out. Always. He's all up in my head saying, "you're totally allowed that brownie, oh and you live alone so you can eat like 47 of them and no one ever has to know." Fat kid in my brain is a certified asshole.

I'm down 10 LB's and feeling better already. Come our family vacation to the Virgin Islands in May I'm gonna be back to my fighting weight. Since I put it all out here into the Bloggerverse I have to stick with it or you'll all thing I'm a slackerasslazyhoe. We don't want that. Plus my gym membership card is so cool looking. Its the closest I'll get to owning anything that looks like a American Express Black Card.

Okay, so putting them side by side my card looks like a diarrhea poop crap card, but I swear in real life it looks legit.

Now comes the part of the makeover that is negotiable and I need your help.

I have my first hair appointment in my new cit-ay (Yay! No more Shakira roots!) and I'm debating on staying blonde - which I have been forever with some very short exceptions orrrrr...going brunette for a while.

Here's the deal, I'm legitimately worried part of my internal feelings of hottness will disappear with the loss of my blondeness.

Let me qualify before all my brown-hair babies start throwing rotten fruit and calling me an ignorant brunette haircist. I know A LOT of hottass brunettes, BUT you REALLLLY have to get the color right with lots of depth and they typically have this beautiful skin tone that pulls it all together. I have the Irish skin tone more commonly known as Twilight pale. I should buy stock in Bare Minerals Warmth. Its not olivey or warm and no matter how dark my hair I will never look exotic.

At the same time, I'm ready for some change. I'm bored with my hair and I will ABSOLUTELY not cut it, so changing up the color is about the only option I have. I've even thought of doing a teeeny tiny little bit of ombre at the tips. Brunette all over with a little sneak peak of caramel at the ends for just a touch of flavah.

Here is the color/cut I'm thinking of - Mandy Moore circa 2008:

I've had this magazine page in my wallet for like 290384029384 years and have seriously just always been THAT chicken shit to ever take the plunge. 

Okay, so now I'm going to post some douchey selfies both as a blonde and brunette. You know how nervous I feel about posting pictures I take of myself, but this is a necessary exception. Keep the giggles/judging to a minimum and help me decided!

Blonde or Brunette?


  1. I'm stealing your Mandy Moore hair color. That's perfect for me. NEEEEEED.

  2. Okay, first- brunette.

    And second- stealing that picture too!!!!!!!!!

  3. I like you as a Brunette and def add some color into it like highlights or ombre so that it wont be such a shock once its done. Its getting cold out so I feel everyone goes dark in hair color. Cant wait to see what you do :)

  4. I think you look got as a brunette!!!

  5. I think that you make a great brunette and a blonde! I would say take the plunge and go for the brown hair color! Its winter so u should totally go darker! when spring hits you can always go blonde again!
    I cant wait to see what u do, im sure u will look HOTTT either way!


  6. Hey I nominated you for a Liebster award!! Check out my blog for details!