Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cuz That Makes Sense...

In what EFF'd world do I gain pounds the week I went to the gym 5-6 days a week and spent my whole life on a treadmill, but the week I sit on my lazy ass and do not a damn thing I drop the lbs like it aint no thang?

This is not fair and beyond frustrating.

My mom/my best friend/my sisters are all suggesting that I'm not eating enough calories to supplement my workouts so my body is doing a death grip on my pudge. So I have to eat more to lose more? That seems so counterintuitive to me.

I want to do this the healthy way, but I also need to start seeing some results if I'm going to make this lifestyle change. I know me, I will fall off this veggie-filled wagon and the fat-kid inside me will win.

It doesn't help when Qdoba is not supportive of my goals and emails me this shit.

For the love.

Lets also discuss the fact that I am a masochist and the hungrier I am the more I watch Triple D marathons on Food Network. I'm a sick eff.

P.S. If anyone knows how to get Guy Fieri's job, please let me know.


  1. You may also be gaining muscle! But you body fluctuates an average of 1-3 pounds a day! It will take time to see results, no worries you got this! Just tough it out! :)

  2. My sister in law was a really stick diet and they taught her that if you eating less when you work out you need to eat the calories you burned otherwise your body goes into starvation mode! Also a good way to mesure your loss is by measuring the inches your losing instead of your weight because muscles does weight more than fat. So you might gain five pounds but loose two inches around ur waist! if that makes sense!(;

  3. HAHA! I love Guy! However, I TOTALLY HEAR YOU ON THE FRUSTRATION!!! I will say, the hubs and I have done a liver/body cleanse, no you will not shit your brains out if you do a good one, think liver not colon. We do Advocare and it has made every difference in the WORLD!!! I have lost 20lbs since July and the Hubs 50!!! We also sell it, https://www.advocare.com/120812039/ this is our store site. Check it out! We did the 24 day challenge, but you could totally start with the 10 day herbal cleanse. Basically with the cleanse, its about getting your body rid of toxins to it runs more effiectnly, including burning calories. I've done a bit of research and this is supported by science. I read "This is Why You're Fat" and it is really quite in line with what the hubs and I do with Advocare. Not trying to sell you anything, promise, just sharing what worked for me. I've gone from 199.8 to 177ish since July. Also, my post about running is up. :) Keep at it girl! It will all pay off!!!! And yes, MEASURE YOUR INCHES!!!

  4. Uh that stinks! And I just looked at that queso thing for a very long time. It's sad.
    but, I'm your newest follower! :)