Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Bizness

Today I'm linking up with Miss Thang Sami for a little Weekend Update link-up action.

I know, you guys are all like, "whaaaaaat? she figured out how to use technology over the weekend? daaaaaang." Don't be alarmed, I totally had to text my sister this AM for a tutorial...again. The tech struggle is real.

This weekend was the perfect blend of fun and downtime. I had enough on my plate to feel like I was out and about and being social, but not so much that I woke up this morning feeling like I needed another day of nothingness.

Friday was my sushi/girl date. Thank you all for not laughing me out of the blog world because of my ridiculous phobia and being so sweet and supportive. As it turns out, eating sushi with your fingers is a totally acceptable thing! Of course I find this out after wandering aimlessly through Target looking for plastic choppys that would make me look less like a circus sideshow and more like sushi eating professional (which, after typing doesn't necessarily sound any less bizarre). The girls I met were nothing short of FABulous and, pending that I didn't terrify them away with my endless yammering, we will hopefully have many more dates ahead of us.

Saturday was the Minnesota vs. Michigan football game and it was such a blast. It was only the second time this season that I've gotten to watch a college football game live (you have no idea how strange that is for a person who used to work in collegiate athletics) and I can't even explain to you how nostalgic it was. Never in my life would I think I would miss wearing men's polos, khaki pants, and...SNEAKERS ( I know, a crime against humanity) while toting around the most massive walkie-talkie and feeling like my stomach would fall out my butt if the National Anthem didn't go on time. Yet, there I was, skipping down memory lane.

Michigan won the game - which made Shanel's fiance, Mike, happy - but for those of us who are ND hem...watching Michigan win live is the equivalent to being locked in a porter-john on a hot day.

Then, ohhhhh then, there was the Notre Dame game. I'm not going to drag this out because I'm still not sure if my mental state as stabilized but HOLY SHITBALLS HEART ATTACK CENTRAL! If there are any more games like that this season I'm going to have to be medicated.

I foolishly thought the game was going to be a relaxing win by a large margin so I accepted Shanel and Mike's invite to hang out with them for a bit longer and watch the game. Boy did they regret that decision. Poor, friggin' Shanel, She's all "yeah, I just wanna lay here with my mans and be all snuggled in reading my book on my iPad and eat cuban sandwiches and be a normal functioning human." And there I was, going apeshit stupid crazy, running all over her house with schizophrenic emotions, while peeing my pants on her couch and screaming profanities.

I didn't really pee on her couch. Well...not noticeably.

Mike understood. Shanel was terrified for her life. I think I caught her fishing around for a tranquilizer at one point. I can't say I blame her.

After that rollercoaster horror ride of a game, I laid loooow on Sunday. This was my big accomplishment.

Painting my nails. Watch out folks! This bish is productive!

Oh! And I FT with my angel baby. Look at that duckface!

I'm currently counting down the days to Thanksgiving, but think I'm going to hop on the "name something you're thankful for each day leading up to TG" bandwagon.

Today I'm Thankful for: Friends who don't judge me for being a psychokiller.


  1. I was sort of a crazy football fan this weekend too. My Mom made dinner reservations during the Oklahoma State vs. K State game so I was using ESPN Gamecast and kept shouting in this nice restaurant and I think she was pissed! It was not a pretty outcome :( Love your nails, they look great!

  2. Im so glad that you finally figured out how to link up!!! I love college football games they are the best!! I miss going to them. Love the nails to cute! & we gotta thank god for our friends who accept that fack that we are 99.9% wacko!!
    Have a great week pretty girl!

  3. I love your blog. I really want to go to a good football game in the fall. I've only been to a college game once and it was blazing hot and I got a horrible sunburn on my face. Not fun. Plus the teams weren't that impressive.
    Such a cute face! FT = Facetime? I'm pretty sure you are awesome at technology if you know how to do this. Is Facetime done through Wi-Fi or through your phone number? Reason I ask - I'm thinking about getting an iPad Mini and I see it has Facetime.
    I have just learned how to do link-ups over the past couple I completely understand this challenge.
    Have a great week!