Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Love Being an Aunt More Than I love Dirty Martinis and Ryan Gosling

A large DC from the Donalds happened AGAIN this AM. What is with me this week?! Hottassmess. I'm clearly having some sort of break-up with coffee. No bueno. 

Today I'm over at Life After with this chick:

Talking about how obsessed I am with being this kid's Aunt:

Cha-cha-check it ouuuut bishes. 


  1. LOVED your post over at Life After. Your writing is so fun! I'm excited to be your newest follower!

  2. I totally agree! I love being an ant just because A.) my nephew are so dang cute and B.) when i get frustrated i can give them back!


    Followed ur cute blog!