Monday, November 26, 2012

She's Baaaack

Are blogging hiatuses allowed when you first start off? I'm guessing probably not. 
Hopefully all of you didn't forget about me.
I'm still here. Just unplugged for a few days.

I know you're all SUPER disappointed to you didn't get to hear about what I'm thankful for.
I assure you it would be along the lines of the same ole stuff you hear everyday from me.
Alcohol, trashy television, 4-inch platform heels, men in football pants.
The norm.
Thanksgiving was a dream. My family makes me happier than R. Kelly at the urologist. 
I think I just managed to get the red wine stains off my lips. 

My flight was delayed 20348203840284028340284 hours trying to get to Chi-town. I may or may not have cried out of frustration. I was so delirious once I got to my family I cried again. Then took fug selfies with my cousins.

Then I suffocated my sweet Bubba with Auntie love. And cried some more. 

My cousins who are younger and MUCH cooler than I made us take a "Power Point" photo. I don't get it. I just do what I'm told. Looks like we're recruiting folks into the OCclan. Not many survive that family induction. 
We. Saw. Twilight. And I cried some more. 
I also drank a liter of diet coke. Straight Super Troopers style. 

 AND I got to watch my Irish get a win to GO TO THE....
Like this...
Not mad at it.
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your family. Only 24 more days for this girl until I get to see mine again! Weeee!!


  1. Stopping by from Weekend Update...looks like you had a great time with your fam! I'm loving that massive drink at the movies!!

  2. Looks like a great weekend! and of course we missed you!

  3. Great weekend! Sorry about the LONG delay! Also, I had a dream that I fell in love with Diet Coke and I don't even drink soda. BUT - the next time I get a hankering I will be having a Diet Coke. :)

  4. Fabulous weekend doll! I amloving ur black hair and you made me crave movie theater popcorn BADDDD!
    Have a great day pretty girl!