Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blowin' This Taco Stand

Today is my Friday. Be jealous bitches. 
Or don't be cuz I have 20948230842 conference calls, need to run 12038203842 miles, pack all my clothes, clean my whole apartment, and wake up at the ass crack of dawn to make my 6AM flight. Oh. And cuz you all have short weeks too, duh.
Did I mention I'm really tired and have the motivation of a 20 year old who just got the new Call of Duty?
I am so excited for Thanksgiving I could pee. 
I haven't seen my family since I moved 2 months ago and I'm going through massive withdrawals.
Not to mention this is the TG with my Mom's side of the family. The batshitcrazysomuchdamnfunwannasuffocatethemwithlove side of the family. Its like I'm 7 and going to Disney World tomorrow. I wont be able to sleep tonight.
I also probably wont be able to sleep because traveling might be up there with my top 3 anxiety triggers. I get so damn wound up. I'm convinced I will miss my flight so I have to get there inappropriately early and since I'm driving myself I'm already scouring maps to make sure I know where to go to park, terminals, etc. I wont chill out until we're somewhere around 30,000 feet. I'll be the the 26 year old acting like she has to get the whole Von Trapp family through security, when actuality its just herself. Judgments will abound I'm sure.
I'll try to post over the course of the holiday. Most likely I'll be too drunk to type. 
Happy Turkey Day lovahs!


  1. I hope you have a fabulous weekend with your family!

  2. Awww! Cute wedding pic! Have a fabulous time. Holiday drunkenness <3 it!

  3. I think having coffee with you is on my bloggie world bucket list. Haha!!! I have pretty outta control anxiety, but it's getter better with age. Now the fine lines and wrinkles freak me out... Ugh.... Have a wonderful thanksgiving with your family!!! I'm so thankful all of the people I want to see are close by. :)