Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Its Just A Little Crush

I have an inappropriate crush.

Like, I'm sorry Megan you are no longer 18 years old and to these tank top rocking Cali boys you are the equivalent of Betty White.

I found myself Googling these tween lovahs after seeing them on the X-Factor and my infatuation has just further blossoms every time I hear their gingerbread dream filled voices.

Emblem 3 my friends. I have dibs on Wesley so bishes step-off my mans. Just look at that tanked college freshmans dream in the middle!

C'mon how effing adorable are these swaggerific gents? Level with me here, I'm only partially the biggest creep on the planet because I really think they are super talented.

This is slowly becoming my own person Beibs-Fev type deal. See, I've been down this road before. The minute I saw J.Timberlake dance his baby blue tear-aways off on the Disney Channel back in 1998, I knew it was the start of something magical. Justin and I spent a very happy 2 imaginary years together.

Bleached gelled hair and polyester pants? Its what every 13 year olds dream man is made of. 

I'm probably past my years of plastering posters all over my wall and doodling Mrs. Timberlake on my notebooks, but even that is debatable.

My oldass needs to go sit down somewhere, but if E3 fevah is wrong I don't want to be right.

Today I am thankful for cute California teenagers who do sweet cover songs. 


  1. OMFG I totally feel in love with these cuties! It instantly brought me back to my britney spears, spice girls and nsyanc days! Who can resist a cute boy band that can sing, not me! Anywho i hope they win!

  2. Bubba & I are officially obsessed.