Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No. 5 As a Fragrance, No. 1 in My Heart

I stopped at McDonalds this morning for a LARGE fountain Diet Coke. I can see that its going to be one of those days. Fan-freaking-tastic.

My hott date with this girl will surely be the only redeeming factor. 
Don't you dare judge me about how I look in this photo. It was St. Patty's day and my MOM had to pick me up and take me to Burger King that evening. Winner.

I have a confession. Remember all those times I said I have no friends? I should've qualified. I have no NEW friends. No friends who are not leaving me *cough, Shanel, cough* to go, you know, get married and live happily ever after in another state. I know! Total bullshit. I'm currently in the midst of campaigning for her to never leave and possibly for her and her husband to consider the adoption of a 26 year old. I think I'm making headway. 

My FABulous friend Shanel has been my saving grace through my big move. I swear she is the Katy Perry to my Rhianna, the Gwen to my Beyonce, the Courtney Cox to my wannabe Jen Aniston ass. 

Short of buying me groceries, this woman has been the definition of friend and I may handcuff myself to her come December when she tries to leave. I'm talking swallow-the-key-handcuffing. I mean who else is going to order a full meal withme at a HH where all the other ladies are politely munching on apps? Who else will make YouTube debuts about inappropriate topics with me? WHO ELSE will attempt to get me to purchase sensible heels?!

See what I mean? Her leaving is a tragedy. Do you all think web searching "kidnapping" would get me flagged by the government/FBI?

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