Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fug Days + Hott Dudes + Chinese food dates = Bitch Baby Tears

I think I might be short and sweet today my friends (yes, since I can't find any in real life you all have won the title. Congratulations.)

I drank three glasses of wine last night, ate 4,000 pounds of pasta and could barely zip up my pencil skirt this morning. Let me tell you, I'm a vision.
Hott. I know.

AND I just got invited to do lunch with my super sexy co-worker. Motherfuck. (yep. this situation is appropriate for the real deal.)

AND the restaurant he picked is Chinese food. Man do I love me some sweet and sour anything. Like, used to request it as my birthday meal love. Now I'm supposed to eat all small, ladylike, don't think I'm fat just think I'm slammin' portion sizes? Um. This will be a challenge cuz when I typically eat Chinese on a hott date with my DVR... I order like 2 egg rolls, crab ragoons, and the biggest entree on the menu. Shit.

This will only end in tears. and a Chinese food baby.


  1. Dying! Can't wait for a follow-up on the sexy co-worker lunch!

  2. Excellent description of how you normally eat Chinese food! I mean who can even eat it in a restaurant bc you won't be wearing your sweats and a ponytail? I'm a firm believer that that's how Chinese food was meant to be eaten. Can't wait to hear how the lunch went!

  3. you crack me up! keep it up girl!