Friday, October 26, 2012

Freakin' Weekend

Well, I'm not in Kansas any more Totos. It SNOWED here yesterday. SNOWED. Effmylife. None of it stuck thank gawd, but the toddler in a tiara inside me threw a slight tantrum while reading everyone's twitters and FB barking about the tropical heat wave they were experiencing. Don't worry bout me guys, I'm just up here freezing my royal rastafarian nay-nays off.

Sooo...I've been trying to cook up some ideas for a consistent weekly post I can start doing and keep coming back to this idea of FreakShow Fridays. I feel likes some of my weirdest observations, interactions, and personal habits start to show their bizarre faces on Fridays and figure it might be fun (so many f's in that sentence. my apologies.)

Lets try it on for size, see if it makes our nipples tingle. If it does, we have a new Six-One tradition. If its lame, let me know and we'll pretend it never happened. K? k. 

In today's episode of FreakShow Friday:

  • As I was walking to my car this morning I passed by a girl who was walking her cat. on a leash. in public. That shit weirds me out man. I am not a cat owner, so maybe I'm ignorant to the amount of exercise they need, but I thought the whole friggin' point of getting a cat is that you don't have to go outside in the balls cold weather at 7:30AM to walk them. Like I said, it was super weird, but don't worry I trumped her weirdness by thinking I'm Emily Thorne (see, watching too much Revenge) and trying to discreetly snap a photo. FAIL. She totally caught me and flipped that shit on me. SHE was the one walking a GD cat, yet because I'm about as inconspicuous as a Rob Pattinson at a Twi-hard convention I'M the one who ended up getting judged. Figures.

  • I woke up this morning to a text from a random number that said "his triflinazz walk in wit her n i say u aint gon get no mo of dis goody brokeazz *explitive*!" This was followed by a video message from my best friend who went to a Halloween party and ended up at a NELLY Concert. I must be doing something wrong because my Thursdays NEVER consists of "dis goody" or live renditions of Hot in Hurr. Ever. 

  • I just know I'm going to be a hottassmess of freakshowness tomorrow at this Halloween party. Its during the ND vs. Oklahoma game and the party is hosted by ND grads so the game will definitely be on. I don't know if you've read my other post about how I behave during just a regular Irish football game, but multiple it by a bajillion when it comes to a BIG game. I'm going to definitely fulfill my roll as Scary Spice. I can kiss meeting any cute guys goodbye. 
Yeop. I will pick up so many hotties losing my shit over...


I will be cheering on my friends who are running a 10 mile monster dash tomorrow morning. They'll be all up in there workin' on their fitness and I, fittingly, will be standing with a jank-ass homemade sign sipping Bloody Marys out of a thermos. Booze will be necessary for whatever leopard nightmare I'll be wearing in public after. 

What freakshow shiz happened to you guys today? Let the freak flags fly people. 


  1. I'll be at the game tomorrow, just on the crimson side :) should be fun!!!

  2. DOnt worry totally agree when i woke up to snow yesterday i almost killed myself! last year we had a great winter it was like in the fifty's everyday! This year i have a feeling it will be a real Minnesota winter! That means whip out your northface and uggs! FAAAACKKK :(( i wish it was warm again! Btw walking a cat is not normal, i have a cat (well my parents do) and he walked himself and around the house. Im pretty sure thats all the walking they need!

    Hav a fabulous weekend

  3. You had me cracking up with the whole cat on a leash thing. I think that is pretty weird as well. I don't think cats are meant to be walked, but I'm also not a cat owner, so I wouldn't know.

  4. I legit feel like my Friday has not been freaky enough! But I think this idea is an awesome one :)

  5. hahahaha I can't believe people would actually even consider walking their cat on a leesh!! hahah!! I have just come accross your blog and love it! I'm now following, would love it if you would follow mine too :) xo