Friday, October 19, 2012

My Body and I are Breaking Up

I'm not going to lie to you guys, I'm pretty tapped out this week and I certainly feel like its much too early in my blogging to be whining to you guys about such things, yet here we are. Me bitching and you so kindly NOT clicking that tiny "x" at the top right of your screen.

I have gone through a LOT of big life changes in the past month and this week seems like it all caught up with me. I've been running on hyper speed and my body is currently giving me the finger saying, "Suck it Meg, I'm not doing this ish any more."

In the course of four weeks I have watched one of my sibbesties marry the man of her dreams.

Moved to a new city.

Started a new career.

Started decorating an apartment.

Resuscitated (if you only could have seen how I spelled that pre-spellcheck)  my social life.

All of these things are AH-mazing and making my life feel so rich, but have not lead to the healthiest of living. I mean, beer and take-out are definitely at the base of my food pyramid (that's the part of that thing that you're supposed to eat the most of right?), but my body feels super crappy and I'm SO. DAMN. TIRED.

Sooooo....I've decided to detox this weekend. Well. Starting tomorrow because I have a bottle of wine to finish and have been craving pancakes all friggin' day. (DO YOU SEE THE SLIPPERY SLOPE HERE?!)

My hope is that 2-3 days of no booze (waaah), no crap-tastic food, fresh air, and sleeeeeeeep will have me feeling like I can grab next week by the balls.

What are you betches up to this weekend? I want to hear stories of you all drinking the demon liquor, eating 40,000 crunchwrap supremes, and raging until the wee hours. I will be living vicariously through you.


  1. I loved how you did you living room so pretty! Dont worry things will get better! Good luck with ur detox you can always go to MOA for some retail therapy!
    Ps your button is officially on my page!


  2. I always say that I am going to detox... right after my next bottle of wine. Or after the next night out. Or after the next hangover and 3pm sleep in after a night out.

    Did I mention that I just ate two of the BIGGEST MOST GIGANTIC pancakes ever created? Yeah, I see that slippery slope on the horizon just like you did... Good for you for having self control and purging the booze for the weekend. I would like your self control to come visit me please!

    Newest follower! Love your blog!