Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Come Sit at the Cool Table

Its hump day, I'm going to see Les Mis for the THIRD time, and I've learned that it makes no sense for a single woman to buy a bunch of bananas, they just go bad before I have time to eat the whole bunch. 

So I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I have a dirty little habit of staying up way too late watching clips from The Ellen Show on YouTube. I work one of those nasty 8-5's and don't ever get to see the actual show, so its how I get my fix.
Anywayysss...I was watching last night, Emma Stone was on, and I began my tween dream of "ohmygawd if we met, we would totes be besties forev!" So I started to think what other celebs I would want to exchange friendship bracelets and group texts with.

Allow me to introduce you all to my sisterhood of the traveling louboutins. 

Ladies, this is Em. Em, these are the Ladies. 
Em (thats what all of her bestfrands call her) is SO fun to be around. She can be like, totally deep and still be super hilar. 
We just laugh until we cry together and are basically a walking Cyndi Lauper song. 
All slow mo having the best time ever pushing each other in shopping carts and shit. 
Plus she gets me envy inducing amounts of CoverGirl. 

Everyone, I want to introduce you to J. Law (its a play on J.Lo? like, her name is Jennifer Lawrence and this one time....nevermind, its an inside joke). She is my soul sister. She is dry and sarcastic and says awkward and inappropriate things. Yet, she somehow manages to make it come off charming and endearing, which secretly makes me supes jelly. She doesn't take any of this fame business too seriously and is still J. Law from the block. 

Annie, ohhhh Annie. She really classes up the group. She still swears and dear lawd we can't get her to stop showing off her amazing rack, but outside of that - she is one classy bitch. She brings that super smart, quirky, hipster vibe every flock of ridiculously good looking people needs. Not to mention, we never have to wait in line when we go dancing at the gay clubs. 

Nicki, Roman, whoever she feels like being on whichever given day, I love my big-booty bestie. I mean I can NEVER borrow pants for Em, J.Law, or Annie, but with Nicki this big booty judy stands a chance of squeezing in. Sure, Nicki can get a little ratchet sometimes. I've had to tell her to put her to please unleash the death grip on Mariah's weave and walk away more than once, BUT her wigs are totally boss and Super Bass is my jam.

OH! And Beyonce. Duh. No explanation needed.

Well we're off to go do fabulous things like have lunch at the Ivy while flipping the paps the bird. 
AKA - I'm going into my office caf to steam some broccoli. 


  1. Just freeze those bananas and use them in smoothies...or banana bread. Of course, if you make banana bread, you have to eat it all or give it away. problem.

    I wish I was best friends with Emma and Jennifer!

  2. I love J.Law and the new nickname. In all her interviews she sounds like shes really awesome. She's my new favorite young actress and she replaced Emma Stone as number 1.