Tuesday, January 15, 2013

That Awkward Moment When...

Do any of you guys watch HBO's show Girls?
I do. And I LOOOVE it. 
I realized something about it while making my friend G, who has never seen the show, watch the Season 1 opener on Sunday.
Perhaps Girls is a show you watch by yourself, then have a book club-esque recap with your GF's later. 
So much awkward sexual encounters. Its like a constant flow of unappealing nudity, mixed with uncomfortable subject matter. Like the chinese water torture of sex scenes. One. drop. at. a. time.

Now. You know me, not one to easily be made uncomfortable, and to be honest - when watching it alone, not much of it makes me want to claw my eyes out. Its just hilariously horrendous to me. 
But I'm figuring out that when I watch it with other people, I get all bajiggity. Like - feel like I have to talk about a new recipe I found on Pinterest so we're ignoring Lena Dunham's glaringly obvious natural breasts bouncing on the tv screen - bajiggity.

Its like that time I was watching some Val Kilmer movie with my parents back when I was 15 and a full-blown sex scene came on. I wanted to die. I wanted to run back upstairs with my eyes closed. I wanted to hide under the blanket and pretend it made me invisible. It still haunts me. Traumatized forever.

No matter how old you get sex scenes with your parents in the room is basically the equivalent to a blow dart to your face. One of two things always happen:

1. Someone tries to make a joke about it. Something all the lines of "haha Megan close your eyes!" or "Welp. Thats awkward. (insert awkward chuckle)."
2. Complete and total silence. No one says anything. No one looks at each other. Everyone looks straight ahead, emotionless, expressionless, and just rides that awkward pony all the way out of the scene.

Neither of these thing make it better. It just is what it is. I've taken to pretending I need a snack. In my mind, its less awkward if I'm no less than 200 feet away from the situation. 

So maybe I'm having one of my rare prude moments when it comes to group viewings of Girls. Maybe that time I watched it with my sister and my BIL was in the room, effed me all up. Maybe I just am wary of other people's comfort level so I over compensate. 
Either way, I will now be flying solo on my initial Girl viewings. I'll just gchat with my sisters about it afterwards.



  1. Love that show but yess its kinda one that you either have to be totally comfortable with the person your watching it with or just watch it alone.

  2. Omg I'm dying! it wasn't that bad when we watched it together ... But watching it with the dr?! Not ok!! Scarred for life by that and watching a naked/blind Val Kilmer with mom.

  3. Yes. All of this.

    I watched Wild Things with my mom. Awkward as a hand job.

  4. It makes me feel so uncomfortable too, even though I love it!!

  5. I have no idea what this show is... I don't have HBO. :-P

  6. I just starting watching this yesterday, and I LOVE IT! It's even a little awkward to have my husband in the same room because the sex scenes are so weird sometimes. And you know what tops watching a sex scene with your parents?

    Watching it with your in-laws. Especially if they are super conservative. EEKS.

  7. lmao I just cant stop laughing...I feel your pain about the parents

  8. awkward- yes! especially when you are watching SATC with your MIL and then you know the scene with the neighbor and his giant you know what? OMG SOOOOO AWKWARD!!! LOL