Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Haps

Mondays after the Super Bowl should be illegal.

I didn't even drink or eat anything delicious/super bowl-esque and I feel hungover and bloated. WTF?
Probably cuz I stayed up past my old lady bedtime of 9:30.

So I may have been the lame-o who brought fruit salad to a Super Bowl party, but this Eat To Live ish is worrrrking! I only weigh myself once a week (Mondays) and I am already down 10 big ones. Feeling pretty stoked about that. 

This weekend I went to a Real Housewives of Minnesota party aka a Stella Dot party that started at 10AM. 0_0
I had to set my alarm.
But there were mimosas and pretty jewels so all was forgiven. 
I picked myself up these bad boys

for when I'm sunkissed from laying out here all day in May

Not gonna lie to you all...I'm SO happy its February. January is always a rough month for me. Feb is more my speed. Quick and painless. With a glimmering hope that this godforsaken snow might leave and temps might climb into the double digits. 

Happy Monday Lovahs and Frands. Go grab it by the balls!



  1. congrats on losing 10 pounds! I love those earings! super cute

  2. Congrats on losing!!! You're awesome. :)