Monday, January 14, 2013

Ice Castles are Totally Normal

Hey Gurlll Haaayyyyy,
First things first. That MAMA trailor? Aint that some bullllsheeet. I saw that trailer last night during the Golden Globes and let. me. tell. you. I ended up having the most terrifying nightmare in recent memory last night and was scrolling through my phone directory trying to think of people who would pick up at 4AM just to let me hear them breathe and know that demon children weren't about the jump on my bed and eat my soul. 
Whatever sick-o decided to make children the most terrifying horror movie subject EVER back in like 2004, kudos to you my friend. I didn't see that one coming.
Second. When you live in frozen tundra-like states like I do, on the weekends you do normal things like visit Ice Castles wich yo girlfrands. 
It was actually really pretty and very cool. 
I, inappropriately, wore heels. Par for the course.

Afterwards we magically found ourselves shopping. I needed to stop by Barnes & Nobles to pick up a couple of books and ended up leaving with said books aaaaaand two pairs of shoes.
I'm wearing one of my new pairs today and I'm so tall in them I might resemble Godzilla. 
I'm also having to hunch over a lot. 
I don't know how Shaq does this on the reg. 
Especially since he dates someone that only comes up to his belly button. But then again she also calls her self Hoopz - with a Z. That totes a match made in heaven. *side-eye*

Also, tell me why, out of the two books I bought the reallllly expensive one was the religious one. Huhhhh? I don't think Jesus would be very happy about this. Jesus books should be my favorite price...Free.99.
The rest of my weekend consisted of watching Kate Hudson make angels sing with her hottness at the Golden Globes, Sienna Miller making my eyes bleed with whatever 70's flower child monstrosity she had on, and Jodi Foster confusing the living hell out of me with her speech.
Cheers to Monday lovahs!

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  1. Hey sexy thang! i am in love with those heels too cute!!! i love how u called them hi tops on instagram. any who let me stop being a stalker and tell you how cool those ice castels are. where are they at?
    have a great week