Monday, January 21, 2013

This Weekend School'd Me

Happy Monday bishes!!
How was your weekend?
Mine was....educational.
Lots o' lessons learned by moi. 
Allow me to share my new found knowledge...
1. Never get your car totaled in an accident on the weekend.
Turns out this massively inconvenient event just becomes even more of a hassle when it happens over a weekend. I sorta get it. I don't exactly want to be workin' hard for da money on a Saturday or Sunday, but turns out life still happens on those days, so if you're in the business of dealing with life issues Ima need you to step your game up.

2. Don't let ANYONE play off your emotions when you are vulnerable.
When I am scared, nervous, rattled, what have you, my first emotion is not anger. I usually just cry a lot and want there to be as little conflict as possible. As my sister put it to me this weekend, I tend to become accommodating to an extreme. 
Not always a good thing. 
Sometimes accommodating is not the answer. Sometimes full-blown Irish gumption is in order. The kind where you are all "I am woman hear me roar and these are angry tears not I just want to call my Daddy tears and you're an asshole who is not gonna get away with murdering my car." Straight Boondock Saints on their ass.
3. Shopping for a new car is a lot less fun when you are forced to do it.
Buying a new whip always seemed like it would be an exciting moment for me. I would have done my research, found something I realllllly wanted, planned for it financially, and taken my time to make sure all was right in my car buying fabulous world. 
Welp. This fantasy isn't going to be my reality.
Having a rental is expensive (even with insurance paying for most of it) and its essentially the equivalent of using my dollah bills as toilet paper. So I need to find me a new car post haste. So I'm scrambling to find something I both like and can afford and I'm quickly realizing that a car payment isn't exactly simpatico with my financial goals at the moment. 


4. There is nothing and I do mean NOTHING better than a supportive family and good friends.
In moments when you're really down and out. When you're just shit outta luck. When you're a hottass mess of endless favor needing. You realize how blessed your are to have gracious, generous, and caring people in your life. My family is far away and even from a distance made me feel loved and cared for, but my friends? My family away from my family? Man, they went above and beyond. Every phone call and text, every cell phone minute spent listening to me gripe, every ounce of gas spent to drive me from here to there and then here again, every car battery wiped out on my behalf made me so overwhelmed with feelings of love and support. 
 I am blessed beyond measure.

I guess this is the life of a 20-something right? Learning as you go? After a long and less than awesome weekend, I'm glad the hardest lesson I had to learn was to stick up for what I believe is right and to count my blessing in every moment.


  1. I usually cry too. But sometimes they're angry tears.

    I went car shopping this weekend. I wrote about it today. It sucked. Look at the nicest cheapest car we could find, your ass can't afford it. Yeah. And cue tears.

  2. Glad to hear you are okay!!!! Keep warm!!