Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This Ones For My Girlfriends


I know, I KNOW I said I would write yesterday but with my Irish playing like The Little Giants, I chose to hide away from the public. To mourn of course.

My life as of late....I'm not going to lie to you - its been really fun, spending lots o' time with my GF's, buuut no real Blog worthy action.
BUT, I've got to say, having a group of women to hang out with and grow close to - there is nothing quite like it. 

I spent an entire year alone in an apartment drinking 2 gallon bottles of cheap-ass wine, watching crappy VH1 reality television, and eating entirely too many egg rolls. 
I had all of 2 friends. They were amazeballs, but turns out they had husbands - husbands tend to take priority  in the whole time distribution sector. 
I know. I think its bullshit too. I mean would you rather sit on my couch and get drunk of Pinot Griggg while listening to me talk about dying alone orrrrr spend time with that dude you're building a life with? I think the answer is totes obvious.
Either way, those two helped get me through one of the most trying years of my life.

I think when we're all in high school its "cool" to be that girl who is all, "yeah, girls bug me. I really only hang out with guys.", "I have sooooo many more guy friends than girlfriends", blahblahvomblah.
Here's the thing, and I think I truly learned this lesson going to an all-women's college, the value that comes from having lady friends is unparalleled.

Us chicks? We have magical powers. Like some Marvel Avengers type shit. 
We have the ability to relate to one another, to feel a compassion and empathy for other ladies that is unique and selfless. Women will put one another on their backs and your ride or die bitches? They'll see you through anything. ANYTHING. There is a patience and tenderness...a relatability that can only come from other chaquitas. 

Those wang-slangers just can't find the same common ground. Its not their fault, their balls get in the way. 
This is not to say that women CAN'T have close, intimate friendships with men. They can and do. Hell, I do! I just know that there is a cap on how much they can understand about what I'm going through.
They don't know what its like to be bloated with boobs that feel like they've been kicked by Mia Hamm and a patience level that disappeared over night. My girlfrands on the other hand? They'll come over and be a class-A bitch with me while free-boobing it and eating hostess cupcakes (RIP).

I just think its important to remember the value of the women you surround yourself with. 
Those Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Beaches, Babysitter's Club, First Wives Club chicks were on to something. 


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  1. I couldnt agree with you more!!! My girlfriends keep my life sain if it wasnt for them who knows where the hell i would be! Ps your always looking so cute!!