Monday, December 17, 2012

I'll Be Home For Christmas

I'm not gonna lie to you guys, my brain is already in Michigan.
I'm already laying on the floor of my parents' living room as my nephew throws balls at me while my mom asks my baby brother what he did last night from the other side of the kitchen and Kay sits with her coffee in the big chair tweeting about the madness and Bro Dos sneaks outside to putt on the golf course for a moment of silence, even if there is 2 feet of snow out there.
My dad is chicken pecking at his iPad and running a hilarious commentary about the morning happenings as E and The Doctah bust in the door, E ho-ho-ho'ing upon her entrance and the Skizzle smiling brightly behind her just trying to make sure she doesn't eat it in our foyer and crush the presents she has in hand.

Its safe to say I'm ready to be home with my family. Three. More. Days.



  1. I'm filling the next four days with lots of activities so it will go by faster. P.S. your flight schedule is stupid.

  2. Such a great picture of your parents!

  3. Love that picture of ur rents so cute! IT always great to be with family!!!