Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yeeeah Buddy, Rollin' Like a Big Shot

Car shopping is a bish dudes.
I'm gonna share a little something about me with you all.
I tend to me unrealistic with major purchases. 
Like, I live in a delusional fantasy of mansion wishes and range rover dreams. 
I have champagne taste on a beer budget.
So I, all too often, gotta bring it back down to the real world.
The world of, Meg - you aren't broke, but you aint P.Diddy. 
The world of regular adulthood where you have to have financial goals and savings and shit. 
So this little love bug I've been salivating over for the past year has to wait. 
Could you imagine parallel parking this heffa every day? The cuss words would abound. 

I'm also psyching myself up for the car salesmen. I've heard horror stories. 
Is it wrong that every time I think of a car salesman I think of Dani Devito in Matilda?

My dad has been pumping me up for this like friggin' Floyd Mayweather before a fight. I mean, its all fun and games til I end up like homeboy...

Straight concussed from the money raping I received. 

Nope. Not happening to this savvy, assertive, homework did 20-something. 
I'm gonna make this whole care purchasing extravaganza my bitch. 
Get all gangsta up in that dealership.
Okay...well probably not gangsta. Probably more very polite, yet astute suburbanite. 
Close enough. 


  1. You should call John. He went all "I'm in purchasing, this is what I do for a living" grumpy face on my ass. I had to play the dumb, "I want a Honda Pilot", wife role and be quiet... so not my style. I had to muster up my 7th grade acting abilities and died a little inside when the 20 year old, protein shake drinking, salesman asked me if I was there to look at minivans (womp womp).

    Perhaps I should write my own car buying post... sigh.

  2. My hubs lets me do the talking. He says I "flip the Bitch Switch" and I do. I was 100% honest with our last salesman & told him what payment we wanted, features, etc & told him if he can't deliver then I'd save all of our time. Finally after some looking I told him not a dollar over the payment I asked for. He came back & said $400? I said, "We'll take it, tonight if you get it to $400. $401 & we walk." He came back & told me he had told the finance guy that I'd walk...and that I was serious. We got it for $400 & some change. Lol.

  3. Me too Amanda!! I told my guy not a dime over $300 a month or I'd buy something else. He tried to sell me on why this car was better than the cheaper ones I could get and I just stared at him. $300 a month it was. Kthanksbye. Be serious with them and don't be afraid to walk away, they'll get there or someone else will.