Monday, January 28, 2013

Hyperspeed Monday

Happy Monday!!!

Yes. That was three exclamation points for Monday. 
I've been eating like a rabbit for the past week and my energy levels are through the roof. 
I'm like a kindergartner with pixie stix. 

I got my new car this weekend! I love it. I'm super excited about it. Of course I ended up doing nothing this weekend and it snowed snowflakes the size of of J.Lo's booty yesterday SO I barely drove it and it is no longer perfectly dealership clean. 

So Saturday night my friend Dee came over to watch a movie. 
She does important things like put people's mouths back together after their angry girlfriend takes a louisville slugger to their grill, so she was "on call" and we opted for yoga pants and OnDemand. 
The movie we chose? Muthalovin' craziness. 
The eff bombs gave me whiplash (and that's saying something coming from me).
Dee at one point said, "These cannot be actors. These people are straight off the street gangstERS".
Emphasis on the "er". 
Suburban girls at our finest. 
The worst part for me was the ending. I HATE it when I leave a movie feeling zero closure and zero like the world is full of sexy men riding bareback on unicorns. 
The movie was End of Watch.

Don't let the fact that fiinnnne ass Jake Gyllenhal is in it fool you. 
He's bald in the movie which takes it down to about a 7.
And he like, only has his shirt off once.
We felt cheated.

I'm gonna go run a lap around my office or something now...


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  1. your new car is gorgeous!! so jelly! I cried my eyes out during this movie at the end!!