Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kiki's Attempt At Making Me a Blogger

This is the week of liver prep.
Because this weekend is the greatest weekend of the year. 
Its also the weekend that I pretend I'm a spritely 21 year old again and marathon drink.
Last year I last until 9:30pm, had to call my mom to pick me up, then proceeded to make her drive me through Burger King. 
I should be human again somewhere around March 22nd. 

Well one of my main bishes, Kiki (Glammed By Tarin) asked if I wanted to contribute something to a giveaway she put together to celebrate her reaching 150 followers. I'm sure most of you have realized I'm not very good at doing bloggerish things like giveaways, link ups, posting on any sort of regular basis...so it takes bloglovahs like Kiki to keep my ass in check.
I resisted the temptation to only provide inappropriate things or things with cuss words on them and contributed some pretty Spring must-haves from Urban Outfitters.
ch-ch-check it out and show the Keekster lots o' love for her attempts at making me a functional blogger :)
You can enter here too!
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  1. Any post that starts with "this is the week of liver prep" is winning in my book! New follower. Looking forward to hear how your SPD goes!

  2. yay! im so happy about this such a good giveaway :)

  3. HA i love you!! your a great blogger? PS i wanna come drinking with you plus me gusta BK