Thursday, March 14, 2013

Great Scott!

There is only ONE person in the entire universe who I would let put a picture of me on the internet where I am making this face:
I'm not going to sit here and pretend you are all focused on the pure joy my nephew has splattered all over his face. I know you're basking in the glory of my double chin and the fact like I'm making swinging a 30 pound baby seem like a Herculian effort. 
But thats okay.
For my seeeester Erin, I'll take that Tonya Harding type bludgeon. 

My bombass big sister, Erin is a cool music listening, thrift store jedi, vogue worshipping, wizard with words. She makes the morning after 6 tequila shots, an Irish Car Bomb, and a bottle of Merlot still look like a friggin' Madewell ad. She drunk brunches in serious style bishes. 
I look like this:
So this sister of mine has started a blog, Great Scott!
You should probably check it out. 
She's the shit.
We share genes (not jeans. She is too skinny, that bitch).

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