Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Well Worth the Sacrifice

Fat Amy.

In honor of Fat Tuesday.
A Fat Tuesday in which I will be eating nothing fat nor delicious. 
Effing tragic.

To me, this year more than ever, Fat Tuesday basically just means Lent starts tomorrow. 
My sweet little lovebug sister, Kay, and I decided that this year we are going to be giving up...
::drumroll please::
Tweetsville and Instafood/shoes/selfies
That right. Forty days and forty nights of not a tweet or filtered pic. 

As pathetic as this sounds, I legit think this is going to be a straight Josh Hartnett circa 2002 in the godawful 40 Days and 40 nights movie. Only I HIGHLY doubt I come out of it with a soulmate-esque boyfriend running orchids up and down my perfectly flat stomach.

I just think that shit would tickle. 

In all seriousness. I love the Lenten season. Its a time of focus, sacrifice, and devotion. I always choose to DO something as well as give something up. Doing something that is not only an investment into myself, but my community and my faith life.
I just wont be able to tweet about it. 


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  1. Good for you for dedicating your self and taking this time to focus on your relationship with god! PS that would so tickle!!